The tournament...is no longer underway...

It has been...an entire year...and still...we do not have enough people to have this tournament.
Quite frankly, I'm tired of waiting. It's like when you've planned for something months ago that never happens,
those plans nestle in with all the plans coming in, taking up space in your mind. $100 prize, a consolation prize game, batch e-mails,
all tourney details included in the updates, aaaaaaand nuthin' save for the three people who actually entered. For now the tournament is
cancelled, and the prize game is being shelved. But heck, if you guys still want to have the tournament, you can get together and
petition me, then I'll consider it. As of right now however, I'm no longer planning for it.


Some things to address...

I was browsing through the batch e-mailer, and found that some people had actually been replying to it...
I take partial responsibility, as I neglected to inform in some of the responses, not to reply to the e-mail.
That being said, if you've replied to it in the past and gave up waiting on a response to a problem, please
contact me so that we may rectify whatever issue you had.

On another note...there were some prospective tourney entrants who also replied to the batch e-mailer, waiting on a response...
In the e-mail I sent out concerning the tourney, it clearly states the e-mail to use if you have questions, and
the directions for entering. So, hate to sound like an ass, but to the people who did that, you've got no excuse...
At any rate, whenever/if ever people decide to actually enter the tourney, it can start...


Angels 2K15 Tournament...is STILL Underway!

The tournament is still in pending status, for those of you who might be wondering. We've had a bit of a stall in getting contest registrants, so it'll
happen later than expected, but it'll still happen. On that note, for those of you who were waiting for the A2K update before you
registered, the game has been updated since the 4th, along with Mighty Matsume and Battle Girl.

Some other notes about the tourney and A2K:
There is a slight bug when selecting characters, where a CPU controlled custom character will not utilize any passive skills.
So until this is patched, to test your character configurations, you'll have to export and use the P1 and P2 folders.
Furthermore, I'm banning the use of the passive skills "IronBusom" and "RecoveryBoost" from the tournament. You can equip them to your
angels, but I will negate the effects during the tourney. These particular skills can prolong a match to unnecessary lengths.
Finally, I won't do any patches before the tourney is concluded, unless there is an error that direly needs mending.
So with that, if you note any problems, please bring them to my attention before the tourney begins.


Angels 2K15 Tournament is Underway!

Well, I've decided to go through with this. In the coming weeks, I will be looking to give Angels 2k15 its second update
since its release. The update will include some re-balancing, along with a watch mode for CPU vs. CPU fights. Before the update however, if
anybody has any qualms about the game mechanics they would seriously like addressed, they should e-mail me or voice their concerns on the Facebook Page.

Something I want to mention before entering the tournament. I know some people have had issues downloading in the past. Many times, this is due to an
IP address that changes alot. While I understand that a dynamic IP is a completely plausible thing, it's not normal for an IP address to change every
5 minutes, which has been the case with some. That is just to say, if you for one reason or another have this IP problem, enter
the tournament, but end up not being able to download your prize, I might not be able to help you with that. You can check your IP by simply typing, "What is my IP" into google.

In any case, further tournament details can be found here: A2K Tournament Page


New Releases and...Facebook?

New games, a new picture for the front page, and yes - a page on facebook. For any who are interested, feel free to use it as
a place to discuss things relating to the site. I'll check in now and again to see what's what. Facebook Page


So...February Updates!

Neeless to say, I'm running late --'. Demos for Mighty Matsume and Sensual Fight are now available on the CG page.
Both games will be released sometime next week. For patreon, the reward period for Mighty Matsume will close next Wednesday.
Apologies for the lateness.


Small Delays for the New Year

I had planned to have new releases out by the year's end, however I'm a tad behind schedule. Expect things to be released
first week of January. Besides that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


Hey everybody! I'm on Patreon now!

Why? Becaue it might help me out a little motivation wise, and thensome. ;)
Due to events in my life, my time may or may not free up in the days to come. For now, I'm doing it on a per creation basis.
Check out my patreon page at: http://www.patreon.com/bomb


Back-end fixes among other things

I apologize for any inconveniences. I had to pull the site down for a bit to take care of some back-end changes.
Now that I've gotten around to it, I'll probably see my way to getting more stuff done as it pertains to this website.
To those who might have been waiting for an e-mail response, I'll definitely get back to you.


Sudden problem with the PT....

Some of you may have recently had problems running the pt. This is due to an unnexpected error with the software used for the build.
A solution has been implemented however. All you need to do is get the updates for whichever file the pt is for. If you cannot do this through
the CG page, then simply send an email to me or Guide and we will help you out as soon as possible.


Woaaaah, its been a while....

Hello again all. I don't know what to say. I guess it's been a combination of being wishy washy with the developement of
some things, mixed in with procrastination and real life in general. I want to also apologize to those who might have
been waiting on me, and to tell them that I will still try not to dissapoint, in the long run....longer run >.<.
Anyhow, while you wait ever so patiently for my stuffs, I want to say that I will be hosting the work of somebody I've
lent a bit of mentorship to in days past, per an arrangement I've made with him. This may probably bring a bit more traffic
to this sight, and get me pressed to be more productive(hopefully) But if not, whatevs. We'll get there(again, hopefully).


An Update

Before anything is said, I would first like to apologize for being so behind with things. I've had
quite a few software dilemmas over the past few months that had slowed me down, alongside other things in my life.
Anyway, I originally intended for the new software to be available much sooner and to make it a bit more expensive than it is now, but that will have to wait.
It's free to try for anyone who bought the CG fighter, and even if they're not into that kind of thing, their codes have yet to expire. In the coming weeks, I'll be putting my efforts into updating the two current softwares, and perhaps creating a third free game. I can safely say that you're in for a couple of treats, especially if you've been a patron until now. Also, expect gallery updates to resume soon.


It's been a While

Yeah, I know. It's been a good minute since I've posted. For the most part, I've kept busy over
the summer, although I must admit, I'm still a little behind as far as updates for the website are concerned. This is due
in part to my laziness, and in another part to having summer class and other school related obstacles.....
Also, I have told some of you to be expectant for the end of the month, but you might need a little bit of patience
as I lay down some finishing touches, with the new stuff. Also I'm plannning on bringing back the first two CG sets for those
who may have missed out the first time, for a limited time only(minus the offer for the latest software of course...)
All in all, hopefully, I'll have stuff out by mid September.


Early Happy New Years as well as an update....

Happy New Years to all, and to all a very pleasant night.
Been putting my time to use now that class is out, so you can start standing by. :) Also, some
products may only be available for a little while longer, so grab em' while their hot, cause they might
just be gone the next day. I'm also gonna start getting back into the flow of comic making, possibly flaunting some
new techniques. Stick around.


For The Holidays....

Seasons greetings to you all. Uhh...well what can I say? Classes in fall
is a real bitch...I've been going through some trial and error, been scrapping, redo-ing, and re-scrapping alot of stuff.
That was more or less my whole summer. To add to that period of phail, classes started and blew my free time straight to hell...
Well, I'm on break now and that little piece of information will just have to be my Xmas present to you, cause right now...I got nothin'.
Happy Holidays! :)


Longer still....

Yes, yes, I know I've kept you all waiting, but I'm afraid you're all gonna have to wait
for the good stuff a liitle bit longer cause I'm still workin' on it....Anyway, I'm going to get around to the gallery again, for
now, expect to see more traditionally inked pictures. I've put my digital boots down for a minute and have decided to be basic
for a bit, so bare with me. If I were to set another deadline.....I'd say about mid December...or sooner....just hang on...please.
See you shortly.


More things planned

Well, I've gotten the majority done you could say. The comic sadly, has only seen one maybe two updates, but
rest assured I'm still trying. I've begun working on a couple of more things for the cg's page. What exactly? Well, you'll see.....
Also, it is because of that that the periods between gallery updates will be signicantly longer than they have been, but I've made enough pictures
and fan art to last for a good while.
Thanks and once again, see you in a few weeks.


Pushing up the preset deadline.....

Okay, okay, I know I said mid June but you'll have to make allowances. Got summer class,
trying to switch up my style, and also trying to add more fem-fight, fan art, etc.(The list actually goes on).
So I'm pushing the deadline that I said I'll have more stuff by up to the end of June.
I guess we'll say that one is set in stone. Some new gallery pictures... in cOlOr :D, and I've
already begun working on my style switch, so you can expect some of the newer art to look a bit different.


Slowly but surely...

Okay, we got some good news and some mediocre news. The really good news is: the game's prototype
is just about complete. It will be available shortly, and depending on what peple think, it may increase traffic to this site.
Since last I spoke the comic hasn't gone very far, but that's about to change. I'll also admit, that I've been slacking on the CG's but
I'm going to bring that around as well. Timeframe-wise, I'd say give it until mid-June. By then I should have implemented some new things
such as the bios page. Last but not least, check out the gallery, since there have been some updates.


Well so far.....

Got a couple of things done, that I wanted to get done, which is good, very good. Put some work
into the game I was talking about, and that'll be around shortly....well a prototype anyway. When I've
made the actual thing, it'll be an individual download item. In other news, I haven't updated
the comic in a while, but now I should be able to start again, and I'll finally finish CG 2 and start on 3.
For now however, I've got some new gallery pictures, so be sure to check them out.

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